Microsoft Word provides the best formatting features for your documents. It is a widely used application that helps the users to design the documents with complete support for adding tables, images, and text boxes. To place these elements correctly, you need to use rulers. By default, Microsoft provides rulers in inches, but if you need more precision, you need to customize the rulers.

Change the Ruler Units in Word

Rulers have the ability to manage the width, height and the alignment of the items. In Microsoft Word, it is very easy to customize the ruler units. All you need to go to File > Options. Open the Advanced tab in the options menu. Find the display section and open the dropdown menu i.e. ‘Show measurements in units of’ and choose the unit in inches, millimeters, centimeters, picas, and points. Choose the needed unit and click Ok to save changes.

Microsoft Word Options

Now Go to the View tab and select the Ruler option to show the ruler in case it is not present. The new ruler will be of the same units as what you chose previously. This will not affect any of other alignments.

Ruler in MS Word

Keep in mind that the ruler is specific for each computer, so whenever you share the documents and it will then open according to the settings of the other computer. Changing the ruler will not affect the document itself.

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