How to Combine Microsoft Word Document

How to Combine Microsoft Word Document

Normally Microsoft users copy the entire document and paste it into the other document to combine two of them. This is not an ideal case to combine the two documents. In this guide, we will show you an easier way to merge the two documents by inserting a document as an object.

This action could be performed in any of the Microsoft Word version doesn’t matter if it’s an older version or the latest.

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Combining Microsoft Documents

Here’s how you can combine two Microsoft Documents and create a Master document:

  1. Open an already existing Microsoft document or create a new one. This document should be the one where you will insert the other Word document.
  2. From the ribbon bar, click on the “Insert” on the insert tab
  3. Click on the “Text” option and select the “Object” button.
  4. Now click on the Downward pointing arrow given by the “Object” button and select the “Text from File” the object button
  5. Locate the document that you want to insert in the already opened document, select the file and click on the “Insert” on insert button to merge the two word documents

As you will click on the “Insert” button, both the documents will be merged. You can combine as many documents as you want. If you are merging the text with the already existing Word document, it will appear below the existing content.check the order in which the documents will merge

Before merging multiple documents content, make sure to take care of the outlook of the final document. When you merge the two Word documents, all the content including images and formatting also move along to the new document.

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