5 Steps to Change DNS in Apple Devices

What is Domain Name Server (DNS)?

The Domain Name Server (DNS) is a vital unit of internet, it has records of all the names of Internet Protocols (IPs) address. DNS works like a phone book or smartphone contacts, including names, numbers and e-mail addresses.


An internet user can reach a particular site if he has a working DNS. For example; a user is trying to reach askcaty.com , the Internet Service Provider (ISP) views the domain name in DNS, translates it to the language which is understandable by computer i.e. IP address and let the user reach correct website.

We can customize the DNS on our devices. Here’s a way to change DNS on your iPhone/iPad;


To change the DNS, first you have to open the settings in your iPhone/iPad.

Open Settings in iOS


After opening the settings, select Wi-Fi option from the settings menu.

Settings > Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Settings in iOS


In Wi-Fi tab, look for you Wi-Fi network from the available networks, tap on the i icon given on the right side of the network.

Wi-Fi Settings Info


Now that you’ve the details of your Wi-Fi network on your screen, scroll down to see Configure DNS option, you will find that it’s on automatic.

Select Manual from the Configure DNS tab.

Configure DNS of iOS


Tab on the number on the right of DNS option. Type the new DNS which can be or in case of google.

After typing the new DNS, Save the changes and you’re good to go. Now enjoy Wi-Fi on your iPhones/iPads.

Add New DNS in iOS


Settings > Wi-Fi > Details of W-Fi network > Configure DNS > Type new DNS > Save

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