7 Ways to take Screenshot in Windows 10

Welcome to another guide by AskCaty. We all probably know that the shortest and fastest way to take a screenshot in Windows is by pressing the Print Screen button. Method of pressing Print Screen button only bring the screenshot on to the clipboard. We will discuss some other shortcut keys and ways as well which let users take screenshots in Windows 10 on any device.

Now we are going to take a look at some shortest and easy ways of taking screenshots in the Microsoft Windows 10. There are the following seven ways of taking screenshots in Windows.

Win Key + Print Screen Key

This way of taking a screenshot is probably the best screenshot way for the users to perform during their workflow. By pressing Win key along with Print Screen key, it saves that specific screenshot in the Pictures library folder in Hard drive. It saves that particular screenshot in the format of PNG. So this is one of the smartest and easy ways to take a screenshot and save it in the local library.

Alt Key + Print Screen Key

This one is another easiest and smart way of taking screenshots. It takes the screenshot of the whole screen without missing any area. It is beneficial for those users who work with multiple window tabs and folders so they will get the whole screenshot of their working field on Windows. Press Both keys simultaneously will save the screenshot on the clipboard and all you have to do is to access that screenshot from the clipboard by pressing paste in any app like MS Word, Paint and other apps which allow users to insert pictures.

Take Screenshots in Windows 10

Win Key + H Key

This shortcut way is another interesting and brilliant way for taking screenshots in the Windows. If you are using Universal Microsoft Windows own apps then this key would be useful in taking a screenshot of that particular active app. This way probably would not work on the desktop screen of Microsoft Windows 10 but it would be useful for taking screenshots while using Microsoft Window Apps.

Win Key + Volume Down Button

This method of taking a screenshot is particularly for the Windows-based tablets or tablet PC. These touch screen tablets are windows based which usually come along with capacitive touch logo button as well so all you have to do is to press Win key or that logo of Windows on-screen and press Volume down button to save the screenshot. It will save the screenshot in the folder of Screenshots

Snipping Tool

Snipping tool is one of the amazing and interesting built-in tools of the Microsoft Windows. This tool gives users full control to take a screenshot of how the user wants to. Users can select any area they want to take a screenshot by selecting in free form or rectangular selection pattern. All you have to do is to search Snipping Tool.exe in start menu search or file explorer’s search and click on that app.

The best thing about this Snipping tool is that you can set up your own screenshot shortcut key to take a screenshot from Snipping Tool. It provides such ease and support for the users to select any easiest shortcut key for taking screenshot according to their own preferences.

Game Bar screenshot in Windows 10

Game Bar

Game bar is another way to take a screenshot, particularly for the Games. As if you are playing games and you want to take the screenshot of the screen then just press Windows key + G key to open up the Game Bar.  From the Game bar, you can select the screenshot button or you can use the default screenshot way as well like Windows Key + Alt Key + PrintScreen Key. Users can also set up their own screenshot shortcut key as well by going in Settings, then go in the gaming tab then select Game bar.

Game Bar also provides many useful and interesting controls to the users. Users can record gaming clips, taking screenshots and broadcasting their games all from this Game Bar.

Take Screenshots n Windows Ink Workspace

Windows Ink Workspace

Windows Ink Workspace is also the way that users can use to take screenshots in the PC. If you want to take a screenshot then all you have to do is to go click on the Windows Ink icon looks like Pen icon by searching on the taskbar. If it is not enabled then first you have to do is to click on the show Windows Ink Workspace option to enable it. Clicking on the Screen Sketch option will open the whole screenshot editor to let user further select and crop the are for the specific screenshot of the Windows. This editor also allows the user to doodle and perform other editings as well according to the user’s preferences.

So these were following ways that we can use to take screenshots in the PC especially in Microsoft Windows 10.

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