Apple TV Plus is coming up this November as a competitor for Netflix

Welcome to another article by AskCaty. As we all know that Netflix is such a popular and professional video-streaming service worldwide. Netflix has over 150 million users as subscribers and that is such a handsome amount in terms of paid subscribers. Netflix costs $12.99 per month for its HD plan for the users to get some original and fine content by Netflix. Well, a tech giant ‘Apple’ is coming up with its own video-streaming service name ‘Apple TV Plus’.

Apple Introduces Apple TV Plus

What is Apple TV Plus?

Apple TV Plus is the brand new video-streaming service by Apple. At an event by Apple held in March 2019, Apple announced the idea and concept of Apple TV Plus with a statement by the CEO of Apple Tim Cook ‘Apple TV Plus is unlike anything that has come before’.

As we all know that Apple is used to make something unique and different. Following the concept of Apple TV Plus, many users are asking about the subscription charges, seasons details, and the launching date of Apple TV Plus. According to the statement by the officials of Apple, Apple TV Plus is coming in action at the fall of this year. Well, as per many reports and news, it seems like Apple TV Plus is going to get launched in November 2019.

According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple TV Plus subscription will cost users $9.99 per month but the question is Would Apple be able to generate expected revenue with this plan?. As stated in some reports, Apple has committed $6 billion dollars on this giant video-streaming project Apple TV Plus to compete in the market as a competitor for Netflix. Apple hasn’t confirmed the details about how seasons and episodes will go on Apple TV Plus. Whether they would upload all episodes of a season at once or would they rely on week by week approach.

Apple TV Plus launching The Morning Show

Apple debut show would be ‘The Morning Show’, a comedy based web series expected to come by the launch of Apple TV Plus. Apple is going to launch the first 2 seasons of The Morning Show and the interesting fact is that Apple has spent $300 million on ‘The Morning Show’. It means that Apple has spent $150 each on one season of the new web-comedy series ‘The Morning Show’. This comedy-drama web series is starring some popular names like Jennifer Aniston, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Steve Carell, Reese Witherspoon, and many others.

The trailer of the brand new ‘The Morning Show’ is released by Apple on Monday. You can check out the trailer of the new comedy-drama web series by Apple.

Netflix Vs Apple TV Plus Vs Disney Plus

Well, the exciting fact is that both Apple TV Plus and Disney Plus is expected to arrive in the month of November this year. No doubt, Disney Plus, and Apple TV Plus are going to give a tough competition to the one and only video-streaming giant ‘Netflix’.

Apple Vs Netflix Vs Disney Plus

If we compare the subscription plans of these 3 video streaming services, it is something interesting to know that Disney Plus plan will cost $6.99 a month, Apple TV Plus will cost $9.99 a month whereas Netflix standard plan is costing $12.99 a month. Wow, this is such an amazing figure shot by Disney that can bring real competition to both Apple TV Plus and Netflix. Well let see, how Apple TV Plus set the bar in the market to compete with both Netflix and Disney Plus because the quality of the content matters more than the quantity.

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