Apple users are waiting for iOS 13 Beta 5 to release for Public testing

iOS 13 Beta 5

Apple released iOS 13 Beta 4 on 17th July 2019 with some new features and fixes. iOS Betas are released every two weeks after the previous release. According to last year report, iOS Betas are released every two weeks until Beta 5. Beta 6, on the other hand, will be released one week after beta 5.

What to expect on iOS 13 Beta 5

iOS 13 Beta 5 release date and features

We know that iOS 13 would bring a lot of improvements, but we don’t expect it bring in new features as Beta 4 has got some new features. From iOS 13 Beta 1 we have not seen Apple work on the battery life, therefore, we want the firm to work on the battery life on iOS 13. There would be some Twix here and there but we don’t expect many new features. As we can see iOS 13 Beta 4 is super smooth and works really fine and have some cool new features as well. iOS 13 Beta 15 hopefully has better battery life than iOS 13 Beta 4.

When can we Expect iOS 13 Beta 5 to release

As per schedule, Apple is doing two-week cycle so like every two weeks there’s a beta version of iOS 13 out for Public and developers testing. In acceptance to last week when they released iOS 13 Beta 4 which was a week and a day and that was probably due to due to the bug with the outer film passwords and there was a bug that you could basically bypass touch ID or Face ID and have the access to all saved passwords. We believe this was the reason which took Apple an extra day to fix the bug so they released it on Wednesday.

We expect iOS 13 Beta 5 to be released for developer testing in the next week on Tuesday 30th July 2019 and probably on next day 31st July 2019, Apple will release Public Beta for testing.

If you’re Apple iOS 13 Beta user, you can expect to have iOS 13 beta 5 to be available on your devices on 30th July 2019.


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