Different Methods to Open the Task Manager in Windows 10

Task Manager

Task Manager is an advanced tool in Windows 10 which enables the user to Manage Task that is being performed on the computer. You can start a new task or end an already running program through Task Manager. You can monitor how your personal computer memory is being used, which program or app is using more ram storage and can end that task.

It is also a probability that one of your programs is being irresponsive and you cannot it from within the program, you can do it by using Task Manager. Task manager is thus a very useful tool in Windows 10. In this guide, I will explain how you can use different methods to open the Task Manager.

How to Open Task Manager

There are a number of ways that you can use to open the task manager in Windows 10, some of them are mentioned below:

Use the Shortcut keys

Press Alt + Ctrl + Delete, it will give you some options. Click on Task Manager in order to open it.

Open Task-Manager through Task-barOpen task Manager through Task bar

You can open the task manager by right-clicking on the taskbar, it will open the list of options. Select the Task Manager from the given list of options.

Open Task-Manager through Search or CortanaOpen Task Manager through Windows Search bar

Windows 10 has introduced the new Search feature where you type the name of an existing file and click on the wanted result. Just type Task Manager on the Search bar on taskbar, it will show you the results. Choose Task Manager from the results.

The other way is to use Cortana for the given purpose. Just ask Cortana to open task Manager similar to Siri

Use Run box to open Task-ManagerUse Run to Open Task Manager

Open the Run box by pressing Windows key+R, type


and click on OK and press the Enter Key.

Use Command Prompt to open the Task ManagerOpen task manager through Command Prompt

Open command prompt by typing cmd in the Windows Search. In Command prompt type


You can also use this command in PowerShell

Open Task-Manager through File ExplorerOpen Task Manager through File Explorer

Just open file explorer and in the Location bar, type


And click Enter Key, this will directly open the Task Manager for you.

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