How to Access Troubleshoot Menu in Windows 10

Windows 10 has evolved to the extent where it provides all the possible ways to solve an issue within the Windows. You don’t have to use a third party or other sources to solve a particular issue prevailing within the Windows 10. One of these amazing features is to boot into the troubleshooting menu. There are several ways to boot into the troubleshoot menu, we are going to discuss some of them here.

Access Troubleshoot options from Desktop

The easiest way to boot into the advanced option is through a desktop. All you have to do is press one key and select one option and you’re good to go. Here’s how you can do it: Hold down the shift key and Restart the Pc

  1. Open Start menu and click on the Power button to open Power Options.Power Button
  2. Now hold down the Shift button and select Restart from the Power Options.

Windows will automatically start in the advanced boot option. This may take a little while.

Access Advanced Boot option through Windows Settings

If you cannot access the troubleshoot menu through desktop, here’s another easy method to do it. To access the troubleshoot menu through Windows Settings, follow the procedure given below:

  1. Go to Windows Settings from Start Menu or through any other suitable way.Windows Settings
  2. Select Updates & Security from Settings menuupdates & Security
  3. From the left panel, click on the recovery option.
  4. On the right panel of the Recovery option, under the Advanced Startup heading, you will find the Restart now button, click on it.Restart Now

Windows will now automatically take you to the Boot into Troubleshoot menu. This may take a few minutes.

Access Troubleshoot menu using Command Prompt

Last but not least way to access the advanced boot menu is through command prompt. This just takes one command to perform this task. This is also a very easy method like the above two mentioned ways. In order to boot into the troubleshoot menu, follow the procedure given below:

  1. Open command prompt by typing “cmd” in the search bar on the taskbar.cmd

(You must run Command Prompt as Administration)

  1. Type the following command in Command prompt and press Enter key

shutdown.exe /r /o

  1. After you will press the Enter key, Windows will prompt a message “You’re about to be signed out”You're about to be signed out
  2. Click on Cancel

This may take a while to take you to advanced boot options. Save all data before booting your system into the troubleshoot menu, or you may lose your data.

Hope this tutorial has helped you!

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