How to Active a Full-Screen Mode in Google Chrome

Welcome to another guide by AskCaty. Well, most of the users do online work, reading, writing, projects, surfing and much more to perform their daily tasks. So while browsing most of the users especially content writers and readers as well like a big screen where they can read or write anything without any disturbance.

Google chrome consists of a scroll bar, URL bar, taskbar, and tabs bar as well. These bars and components usually disturb those users who only want focus and consistency in their work without any disturbing factor. So let’s check out this way for activating a Full-Screen mode in Google Chrome.

First of all, you have to open your web browser Google Chrome, After opening Google chrome you have to press on that three dots ( menu button). After clicking you will see Full-Screen mode icon next to Zoom mode option. The last step is to click that Fullscreen icon and you will get a Fullscreen Google Chrome screen without any type of bar or any component.

How to activate full screen mode in Google Chrome

An alternative way to activate a full screen on Google Chrome is by pressing a shortcut key ‘F11’. Pressing F11 will get you a full-screen mode on Google Chrome within a second. If you want to deactivate a Full-screen mode on Google Chrome then all you have to do is to press the same key F11 again. I hope this guide will help you in activating a Fullscreen mode on Google Chrome.

How to activate full screen mode in Google Chrome

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