When you have a compressed ZIP file and you need to add additional files or folders to the archive then there are a few simple steps you can follow to add files to the archive. The ZIP file is a compressed container that contains different files and folders within one file.

Adding Files to an Existing ZIP File

The simplest way to add files and folders to existing ZIP archives is dragging and dropping files on the ZIP archive. A +Copy tooltip will be shown. After releasing the mouse with the file on the Zipped file, the files will automatically get copied in the ZIP archive. Although it is placed in the root directory of the Zipped archive. In case the folder is added to the ZIP archive then the entire folder is placed in the root of the archive.

In case, you need to add files to a specific location in the archive then the best possible way is to use an archiving app such as WinRAR, 7-Zip and various others. The drag and drop also work with the archiving apps, all it requires is to navigate to the location where you want to place the new file or folder in the archiving app.

Another way to add the file/files to the archive is by using the default Add option and browse the files or folders to add. This is useful when the files are present at a quickly accessible location such as Desktop.

Adding Files to the ZIP Archive using WinRAR

Use the Add button on the top of the window and add files in the Update mode by using Update and Add option.

This solution works with all the commonly used archive formats such as ZIP, RAR, TAR, 7Z and WIM file formats.


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