How to Add Header and Footer in Google Sheets

Add Header or Footer in Google SheetsUnlike Microsoft Spreadsheet, Google Sheets don’t have a visible option to add a header or footer to your spreadsheet. It can be added when you decide to print your sheet.

The option is available in Printer’s settings menu. In this guide, we will show you how to add a header or footer in Google Sheets.

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Add Header or Footer in Google Sheets

Here’s how you can do it:

First, go to Google Sheets and open an already existing spreadsheet with data in it.

At the top of the sheet, select the “File” menu. From the drop-down list, click “Print” to view the printer’s settings menu for your document.go to file menu in your google spreadsheet

The print Settings menu will appear on the screen from where you can customize the layout and design to print the document according to your requirement. Here you can add a header and footer. Click the “Headers and Footers” drop-down option on the right of the menu.priner settings in google spreadsheet

A list of available options for both header and footers will appear. Check the box next to the option to enable it.headers and footers formatting

You can insert the page number, workbook title, sheet name, or the current date/time to your printed spreadsheet. Google will automatically determine whether to place these in the header or footer when printing.

By default, page numbers are automatically placed in the footer whereas workbook title in the header. If you want to change the positions or add custom text to the header or footer, click “Edit Custom Fields”.edit custom fields for header and footer in google spreadsheet

You will now see a print view of your Google sheet. Here you can click any box to make changes to your header or footer.custom header and footer in google spreadsheet

To save the changes you just made, click “Confirm”.confirm to save the changes

Now click “Next” at the top right.Next to go to printing screen on google sheets

You’ll be taken to the Printing options where you can specify more print settings for your spreadsheet.

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