The chrome web store offers different applications, Chrome web store offers the best set of add-ons. All these extensions are of high quality and enhance the usability of Google Chrome. It is very easy to add or remove extensions from chrome.

Google Chrome extensions only operate in the simple browsing but in case you need extensions in the incognito window you need to individually enable each of the extension for the incognito window.

Install extensions in Chrome

Chrome extensions are available in the Web Store, you can search the store and find the extension, click on Add to Chrome button to install the extension. Each extension requires user permissions to install.

Each extension requires to be installed on each profile separately. In case you need to install an extension from outside chrome, you need to make sure that the extension is safe.

You can open extensions from the settings. Open settings and from the right menu and choose extensions or browse


It will show up all the installed extensions. Enable the Developer Mode to install the extensions from unknown sources or from outside the chrome.

Remove Extension from the Chrome from the Extensions Page

Click on the Load Unpacked button and choose the downloaded extensions.

Uninstalling the Extension from Chrome

To uninstall extension from chrome, you need to open extensions from


A list of extensions will be there, each extension contains a remove button. Scroll down to the extension and click on the Remove button. A confirmation message will appear, confirm to remove the extension.

You can also remove an extension from chrome by right click on the extension from the top bar and choose Remove from Chrome option to remove the extension after confirmation.

Remove Extension from Chrome

Chrome Web Store also provides Remove from Chrome option to remove any extension from chrome.

Chrome Web Store

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