How to add Rows & Columns in Google Sheets

Google SheetsGoogle Sheets allow its users to add rows and columns to the Spread Sheet. You can add as many rows and columns as you want anywhere you want in the sheet. This is very similar to Microsoft’s Excel Spreadsheet.

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In this guide, you will learn how to add rows and columns in Google Sheets.

Adding Rows & Columns to Google Sheets

Here’s how you can add rows and columns to Google Sheets:

  1. Launch the Browser and open Google Spreadsheetsopen google spreadsheets
  2. Now go to the spreadsheet in which you want to insert the rows and on insert from the toolbar
  3. Next, click on the cell where you want to add a new row or column to and click on Insert option on Toolbar.choose where to add rows and columns in
  4. Insert drop-down menu will have several options to insert rows or columns to above or below the selected cell.add more than one row and column
  5. You can also add more than one row or column by selecting more than one cell.

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Adding Rows & Columns using Keyboard Shortcutsuse keyboard shortcuts to add rows and columns

Google Sheets also have some Keyboard shortcuts to add rows and columns to the sheet. Here are some of the shortcuts:

To insert a row above: Alt+I, then R (Chrome) or Alt+Shift+I, then R (Other browsers)

To insert row below: Alt+I, then W (Chrome) or Alt+Shift+I, then W (Other browsers)

To insert a column to the left: Alt+I, then C (Chrome) or Alt+Shift+I, then C (Other browsers)

To insert a column to the right: Alt+I, then O (Chrome) or Alt+Shift+I, then O (Other browsers)


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