Microsoft Word 2016 links all the pages with each other which results in a change in the footer of a single page is implemented to all the pages. It becomes very annoying when you want to add page numbers in the footer. The reason behind these global changes in the footer is that you are working in the same section. Sometimes you also need to add separate page numbers for separate sections of the documents.

It is very easy to add separate or custom page numbers in Microsoft Word. All you need is to follow the procedure that separates the footer of the pages from each other.

Breaking a Page in Word 2016

To separate the pages, you need to create a separate section for each page and break the section after each page. It can be done from the Layout Tab in the Ribbon and open the Break drop-down menu and from Section Breaks, choose Next Page. It will break the page and continue to the new section.

Break a Section in Microsoft Word 2016

Adding Separate Page Numbers to Separate Pages in Microsoft Word

Now when you have separated the sections, double click on the footer area to edit it and click add a page number. Move to the next page and before adding any text unselect Link to Previous from the Design tab in Header & Footer Tools. Now when you add a page number it will be only on the page you select.

Remove Link to Previous Page in footer text while using Word 2016

From the Design tab in Header & Footer Tools, you can also customize the Page Numbering location and the page numbering style as well as you can also add the page numbers to a custom location using default formatting operations from the Home tab.




















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