Windows 10 focus on the quick access to different files and apps, Cortana also helps the search for the best for you. But it is also possible that you don’t get the desired file as because it is not indexed. Indexing is the most appropriate method that helps in organizing the content. So are the tags which help the users to organize the files with more ease.

It is very helpful to find a file when it has tags on it. Many Windows 10 users don’t get the exact file from the search. They need the tags functionality for getting the accurate file they want.

Adding Tags to File in Windows 10

It is very easy to add the tags in Windows 10, there are over three different ways that helps the users to add tags to the files and apps. You can add tags to the files from the properties, using the tags through the app that creates the file or get the appropriate application to add tags. Before adding tags, make sure that the tags are enabled for the file type

Adding Tags through File Properties

All it requires is to browse the file you frequently use, right-click on the file to open the properties from the context menu. In the Details tab, scroll down and find the tags and enter tags you want to link to the file in the empty field.

Adding Tags to Files using File Properties

Adding Tags to the Apps

Many Apps allow the users to add tags to them but not all the Windows 10 applications allow the users to add tags. Microsoft Word allows the users to add tags to the files when you save them.

Adding Tags to Word Files while Exporting

Use Tagging Tools to Add Tags

There are different tools that allow the users to add tags, these applications not only add tags to the files but also allows the users to add tags in the batch mode. One of the recommended applications is TagSpaces which is widely used for adding any kind of tags to the files. For tagging the local files TagSpaces is the best option.

Use TagSpaces to Add Tags to the Files


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