How to add the Custom Photo Widget to iPhone’s Home Screen

How to add custom created widget to Home Screen in iOS 14On the iOS 14 Home screen, you can add as many custom widgets as you want that are created by widgetsmith app. The app provides several customization options including the photos widget in which you can add a photo or album of your choice to the iPhone’s home screen.

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In this guide, we will show you how you can add the custom photo widget to your iPhone’s home screen that you created with the widgetsmith app.

Add the Custom Photo Widget to iPhone’s Home Screen

To add the photo widget to your iPhone’s home screen, tap and hold the home screen till you are in the editing mode.

Tap on the “+” icon from the top-left corner of the screen.+ sign on iPhone's screen in editing mode

Choose the “Widgetsmith” app.choose widgetsmith app

Next, switch to the size of the widget that you just created and tap on the “Add Widget” button.choose widgetsmith app

The widget will be added to your screen, now tap on the widget while it’s in edit mode.tap on the widget while in editing mode on home screen

From the menu, choose the “Widget” option.choose the widget option

Here, select the widget we created the widget name that you just created

You will now see that your photo widget is displaying the photos that you selected. To exit the editing mode, press the Home button.the photo widget will be displayed on the screen created by widgetsmith app

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