How to Add Voice Memos Shortcut to Control Center

How to Add Voice Memos Shortcut to Control Center

Control Center allows the iPhone or iPad users to quickly launch some settings or apps just by tapping on the shortcut icon. Users can add or delete icons from the control center and modify it according to the need.

Voice Memos app on iPhone or iPad is used to record voice messages or what’s in your head. Recording voice memos is a great way to capture what’s in your mind at the moment so you can remind yourself later. You can record the things that need to be done so that you won’t forget any one of them.

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In this guide, we will teach you how to add Voice Memos shortcut to Control Center.

Adding a Voice Memos app Shortcut to the Control Center

Follow the steps mentioned below in order to add a voice memo app shortcut to the control center:

  1. Open Settings in your Apple device, and scroll down to the “Control Center” settings.go to the settings and control center
  2. Tap on “Control Center” and then tap “Customize Controls”. Here you will find a list of functions that could be added or removed to the control center.customize controls option in control center
  3. Swipe down the list to find the “Voice Memos” option and tap on the + sign given beside it.tap on plus icon to add the apps or settings to the control center

Voice memos shortcut will be added to the control center icons list. You can manage the shortcuts in the control center by dragging and dropping them in the list given on the top of the “customize” screen.tap on voice memos icon in control center to launch it

To launch control center, swipe your finger from the edge of the screen. You will find the “Voice Memos” icon which looks like sound waves. Tap on the icon to launch it. start recording in voice memos appTo record a memo, tap on the red “Record” button given at the bottom of the screen. Speak in the mike of your device to record voice but make sure your mouth is not too close or too far from the mike.

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