Watermarks are known as the best way to protect the documents from copyright. There are different tools that allow users to add watermarks to the documents. Microsoft Office documents provide complete support for adding watermarks to the documents. All you need is to know how to place the watermarks in the correct way.

Adding Watermarks to the PowerPoint Presentation

You can easily add different elements to the PowerPoint Presentations such as text, images, tables, graphs and a lot more in a very convenient manner. It is also very easy to add watermarks to the PowerPoint presentation. The only problem is that you need to add the watermark for each slide individually.

The best way is to place the watermarks to the master slide as when you add watermark to the master slide, the changes will be implemented on all the slides. This helps in adding the watermark to only one slide and the changes will be depicted on all the other slides.

Adding Watermark to the Master Slide

Open PowerPoint and go to the View tab in the Ribbon menu. Find the Slide Master button and click it. It will open the master slide editing mode where you can add or remove different elements from the master slides.

Open Slide Master to Edit Master Slide in PowerPoint

Open PowerPoint and go to the View tab on the ribbon. Look for the Slide Master button and click it. You will enter the edit mode for the master slide. You can add or remove elements from the slides as well as customize the elements according to the needs. Now add an image or text data with reduced transparency and send to back from the context menu of the image.

Click on the Close Master View button when you are done editing the watermark and go back to normal editing mode. Now start adding slides and the watermark will be automatically added to all the slides.

PowerPoint Presentations with Watermark

You can edit the Master Slide any time you want to and change the watermark image accordingly. So, other people can also edit the Master Slide if you share presentations in the PPTX format. Make sure that before sharing, you need to protect the presentations or share as PDF.

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