How to Adjust the Speed of Arrow Keys in Mac

MacOS guideIf you were a Windows OS user and just switched to Mac OS, you might feel like arrow keys speed is too slow as compared to the Windows OS arrow keys speed. Windows keyboard input respond is much faster than that of Mac’s. Fortunately, you can adjust the input speed from the keyboard in Mac OS too.

In this guide, we will show you how to adjust the Arrow Keys speed in Mac OS.

Adjusting Mac OS Arrow Keys Speed

Here’s the step by step guide on how you can adjust the response of input given from the keyboard while typing:

  1. Click on the Apple icon given on the top left corner of the MacOS screen and select “System Preferences” from the drop-down menu.System preferences
  2. From the “System Preferences”, select “Keyboard” settings by clicking on it.keyboard settings
  3. You will see “Keyboard” settings appear on the screen. By default, the “Keyboard” tab is opened when you open keyboard settings but if it’s not the case, you can click on the “Keyboard” tab to open it.keyboard settings
  4. Here you will find two sliders, i.e. “Key Repeat” and “Delay Until Repeat”

Key Repeat Sliderkey repeat slider

Key repeat slider manages the speed with which the cursor will move if you want to take the cursor from the start of the text to the end or vice versa using one of the arrow keys on the keypad.  You can adjust the text cursor speed by sliding the “Key Repeat” slider to “Off” “Slow” or “Fast”. Move the slider to the extreme right if you want the cursor speed to be at max.

Delay Until Repeat Sliderdelay until repeat slider

When you press and hold down an arrow key to move the text cursor in the text document, it takes a small pause before the cursor starts moving. It is due to the delay until repeat setting while it takes a while to recognize that an arrow key has been pressed. If you want a small pause before the action repeats, move the “Delay Until Repeat” slider to the “Long” slide. Whereas if you don’t want a pause before the action of the arrow is repeated move the slider to the extreme right.

You can adjust the Keyboard settings according to your requirement by adjusting the “Key Repeat” and “Delay Until Repeat” slider.

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