How to Assign Tasks in Google Drive

Google DriveGoogle Drive allows users to save up data on Google servers and share the data with another user too. Google Drive is specifically used to save large files and huge amounts of data. A specified amount of space is allotted to a single user which is normally 15GBs but one can add up to space by selecting from the paid plans. Users get to have full control of the privacy of their uploaded data.

When different people from the same group are collaborating on data (Documents, Sheets, and Slides), it can sometimes get messy to keep the record of who’s working on which part of the project. Google Drive has made it easy to assign a task to the team members.

In this guide, you will learn how to assign the task to team members on Google Drive.

Assigning Tasks to Team members in Google Drive

Follow the guide mentioned below in order to assign a specific task to a specific member of the team:

  1. Open Google Drive & Open the file you’re collaborating on with other members.Assign a task in Google Drive
  2. Highlight the part you want to assign to a particular member & Click on “Add a Command Icon” given on the right of the page. You can also use Ctrl+Alt+M or Cmd+Option+M keyboard shortcuts to insert a command.Select and add comment
  3. To insert a comment on an image, align it “In-Line”align in line
  4. Now type the command and team member’s email address by using + or @. Check the box given next to “Assign to” and click on “Assign”assign to a particular member
  5. The task will be assigned to the mentioned member and will be shown in the comments section on the right side of the page. Assigned person will also get an email with the attachment of the file.task assigned to a particular member

This method could be used for any kind of file, spreadsheet or slides.

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