Windows 10 is a very powerful operating system but it slows down when there is a lot of junk. Windows 10 creates a temp folder containing all the temporary files. For this, Windows 10 provides support removing these temporary files after specific intervals of time so to clean the junk.

Cleaning the Temp Folder Automatically

Windows 10 has options to set up automatically clean for Temp files. There are few simple steps that you can follow to turn on automatic removal of temporary files after specific intervals of time.

  • Open the Settings
  • Go to System settings
  • Turn on Storage Sense from the Storage tabEnable Storage Sense on Windows 10 to Clean Temporary Files
  • Click on “Change how we free up space automatically” option
  • A new window will appear which contains the Temporary files optionsDeleting the Temporary Files after Specific Intervals of Time in Windows 10
  • If not enabled, enable it and select how frequently you want to clean the temporary files.

The Storage Sense can clean up files automatically after the specific time period. It will also clean the files in the Recycle Bin

These temporary files in the Temp folder are not always the useless files. They are mostly the browsers cache and the cookies data. If you delete these files too frequently, some of the application including web browsers may act up and asks you to log in every time and forgets the recent websites.


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