Sometimes you need to block annoying notification messages. It is very simple task that helps the iPhone users to block any unwanted messages. Most of the times the promotional messages comes up with no number but a name so you need to block a name.

Block Promotional SMS with Name

Another way is to block the SMS by its name which is also very simple. All you need is to open the Messages app and open the promotional message thread. Click on the name of the message and it will display options including audio call, FaceTime and info. Tap on the info button and you will get different details. Now again click on the name of the sender that will provide different options. Tap on “Block this Caller” option to block the sender.

In case there is no number and you want to block the contact against that number you need to reveal the contact number to block it.

Revealing the Number from Message with no Number

The best way is to reveal a number from the message is done by placing a call on that number from the messages. As soon as the call is initiated, cancel it.

Block a number in iOS

Now open the call log in the Phone app and get the recent number that is called. Open the info ‘i’ of the number by tapping on it. Now scroll down and tap on the “Block this Caller” option. You will no longer receive spam messages on your iPhone.

Block a contact on iPhone


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