Often you need to block an application to access the internet when it is consuming a lot of bandwidth. In Windows 10 it is a bit complex task to block any applications access to the internet. This can be done by configuring the Windows Firewall Rule settings and specifying a new rule for that specific program you want to block.

Blocking an Application through Windows Firewall to Access Internet

  1. First you need to open Windows Firewall from the Control Panel.
  2. Choose the advanced settings from the left panel of the Firewall settings.Open Windows Firewall Advanced Settings
  3. Now choose the Outbound Rules from the left column.Open Outbound Rules in Windows Firewall
  4. Now you will get Advanced Outbound Rules section.
  5. In the right-most column click on New Rule.Create New Outbound Rule
  6. New Outbound rule Wizard will appear.
  7. Choose the new rule for a Program and click Next.Choose the type of rule for outbound connection
  8. Provide the path of the program by browsing the location of the program and click Next.Set the location of the program to block through firewall
  9. Choose “Block the Connection” in the Action options and click Next.
  10. Apply the rule for all the situations i.e. Domain, Private or Public and click Next.
  11. Specify the name and description of the new rule and click Finish to set up a new rule.
  12. The new rule will appear under Outbound rules.

This will block all the connections from the specific application to the internet. You can also copy the rules as well as change the properties of the rules.


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