Google Chrome automatically start downloading the files when a file is present. It also provides a powerful antivirus system that sometimes blocks downloads that are processed from the antivirus system. This system is present to only download safe files. In case you need to block the downloads from Chrome, there are a few simple steps to follow.

When Using Windows 10 Pro

For blocking the downloads, you need the configure the Group Policy. There are few simple steps that you can follow to stop the downloading in Chrome.

  • Open the Group Policy from the Search field
  • Go to Policies > Administrative Templates > Google > Google Chrome
  • Enable the “Allow Download Restriction” policy and select “Block all Download”
  • Now restart Chrome will remove all the profiles that allow downloading in Chrome

When Using Windows 10 Home

Windows 10 Home does not have a Group Policy that blocks the downloads in Chrome. So, you need to change the registry settings in the Windows Registry. To change these registry settings, you need to edit the registry with Administrator rights.

Open the Registry Editor and Browse to the following location.


It is also possible that Google and Google chrome Keys are not present in the Policies Key. In case of no chrome keys, You need to create them manually just by right-clicking the Policies Key and add Key. Name the new key as Google. Now right click the Google key you just created and choose New and select key from the list. Name the new list as Chrome.

In Chrome key, right click on the empty panel on the right and choose New > DWORD(32-bit). Add new name as DownloadRestrictions. Double click on the new DWORD and enter a new value 3. Now restart Chrome. The browser will not download the files again.

Block Downloads in Chrome

The Chrome also provides different options that can limit downloads. The value provides the map to value that you enter. Now entering 3 will block all the downloads, 0 will allow all the downloads and 1 will block all the harmful files.


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