How to Block Someone on Facebook

Welcome to another guide by AskCaty. Facebook is one of the biggest social media networks with millions of active users. People use Facebook for personal purposes and for business purposes as well because Facebook is such a strong social media network when it comes to communication.

Sometimes we as a user face a lot of unexpected comments, messages, and activities from other people on Facebook as there are millions of users. So to avoid these spamming acts, comments, and messages by anyone who is trying to irritate you, all you have to do is to block that person on Facebook. Yes, you can block anyone you want to block on Facebook with some few simples steps.

How to Block People on Facebook

Let’s follow some simple steps required to block anyone on Facebook. Step with pictures will help you more in learning how to block someone on Facebook

Step 1

Log in your Facebook account, click on this  icon from the rightmost corner of your Facebook page. Click on the settings options from the given drop-down menu.

How to Block Someone on Facebook 1

Step 2

Move your cursor on the left side of the Facebook web page. click on the ‘Blocking’ option from the given menu on the left side.

How to Block Someone on Facebook 2

Step 3

After clicking on Blocking, you will get a page with all of the settings related to Blocking. There you will be asked to type a name of that user you want to block on Facebook.

How to Block Someone on Facebook 3

Step 4

Type the name of that person you want to block and click on the name of that person from the list of names that appear on your screen.

Step 5

The last step is to click on the Block button, clicking on that Block button will block that person you have selected for blocking.

How to Block Someone on Facebook 5


If you want to block someone specifically then go to the profile of that person on Facebook and click on the 3 dots options to open the drop-down menu list and Click Block.

Congratulations, you have successfully managed to block a person on Facebook. No need to worry if they will get notified that you have blocked them because no such notification will be received by the person you blocked. I hope this guide will let you block anyone you want to block on Facebook.

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