Skype can connect to multiple audio devices on Windows 10, the users can connect to various devices and switch these devices from the tray. The audio device that you connect to it from the system tray. The connected audio device can be used with Skype and you can easily switch them while using Skype.

The Skype does not automatically switch the audio device but you need to change some settings while on call to use the selected device.

Change Skype Audio Device

First of all, you need to make sure that the device you want to choose is connected to the system and must be correctly configured. On the System Tray, click on the speaker icon and the menu should display the device you want to use.

Now open the Skype app and click on the more options button at the top right of the left column and choose Settings from the menu that appears.

Open Skype Settings

In the Settings window, go to the Audio and Video tab and open the drop-down menu next to the Microphone and it will show up all the connected audio devices to choose from. Repeat the Now repeat the step for the speaker and choose the audio device.

Choose the Microphone on Skype

The menu will provide the option “Default communication device” which is the communication device set in the Windows sound settings. This is the device that Skype uses by default.

You can change the audio device in Skype mid-call and make the changes accordingly. To get the same settings for all the devices, you should better set the default audio device in the speaker settings to globally change the settings.

Choose Default Communication Device

The camera settings can also be changed from the same Audio and Video tab. Just open the drop down next to the Webcam and the changes will be implemented during the Skype call.

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