Mac OS Finder is the default files explorer and it can not be replaced, but you can customize the Finder default folder easily. The Finder provides support for tabbed browsing and tags. In case you want to customize the default location of the Finder, then you need to make various adjustments for settings as the built-in settings allow you to customize the default finder location.

Changing the Default Finder Folder

All you need is to open the folder and minimize it. Now on the menu bar, open Finder > Preferences.

Open Finder Preferences

A new window will appear that will provide different settings. In the “New Finder windows shows” drop-down menu, you will find few common locations to choose from and for any other location choose ‘Others…’ option.

Default Finder Location on MacOS

The Others… option will provide an explorer for choosing the custom location to open in the Finder.

This Finder location change is user specific, so you need to change the location for each user individually. This change can be set to any location of internal or external drives both. If the Finder cannot find the folder, it will open the recent.


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