Every web browser has a default search engine that automatically searches the query entered in the address bar. Google is one of the most popular search engines that is sometimes changed due to any new installation. Getting back the search engine is a very simple task but sometimes, it is an adware that integrates itself with the web browser. So, you first need any malware or adware cleaner before changing your default search engine.

Change the Default Search Engine in Google Chrome

Chrome offers two ways to change the Chrome Search Engine. You can change it by opening the search engine or change it through the settings.

Changing the Search Engine by Visiting it

All you need is to visit the search engine and if it is not the browsers default search engine then it will prompt to change it. It is a one-click solution for changing the default search engine. But in case if the search engine does not prompt for setting it up as the default search engine then the best way to change it is from the settings.

Changing the Default Search Engine from Settings

To change the default search engine from the settings, you need to first open the settings from the menu. Scroll down in the search engine and move to the search engine section. There are several search engine options available if you don’t have the required search engine listed from Managing Search Engine option.

Change Default Serach Engine from Settings in Chrome

Add a new search engine in the field with the complete and correct URL. For exact search query you can search for the current query, i.e. for DuckDuckGo, you need to enter:

Add New Search Engine to Chrome

Once you save it, it will be then available in the list of search engines. Set it as the default search engine from the list.

If it is changed due to an extension, all you need is to remove the extension or app that changes the extension. Now you will be able to change the default search engine. If you are still not able to change the search engine, you can reset the Chrome from the Advanced settings. Click on the Clean Up Computer option after clean up, the Google Chrome will be as a fresh web browser. Restore Defaults for the getting back the default state of the Chrome Browser.

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