How to Change the Orientation of Taskbar to Vertical on Windows 10

How to Change the Orientation of Taskbar to Vertical on Windows 10By default, the orientation of the Taskbar on Windows 10 stretches across the bottom of the screen. Fortunately, you can change it to the right or left side in vertical orientation according to your requirement. It gives applications a more vertical screen real domain.

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In this guide, we will show you how to change the orientation of the Windows 10 taskbar to vertical.

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Changing the Taskbar Orientation to Vertical

Follow the guide to learn how to change the orientation of the taskbar vertically to left or right:

  1. On your Windows 10 PC, right-click on the taskbar. A menu will appear, hover the mouse cursor to the “Lock the Taskbar” option, and see if the option is already checked, uncheck it by clicking on it. This will unlock the taskbar and you can move it anywhere on the desktop screen.lock the taskbar option in windows 10
  2. Now that the taskbar has been unlocked, you can move it by clicking and dragging it to the left or the of the screen vertically or you can move it to the upper horizontal side of the screen.drag and drop the taskbar to change the orientation of it to vertical
  3. The taskbar will automatically snap to the right or left of the screen when you release the mouse button. You can now change the thickness of the taskbar too by clicking and dragging from the edge of the taskbar.vertical taskbar orientation in windows 10
  4. Once you have set the orientation, and width of the taskbar, you can again lock it so that the changes you have made will be set in place. Again right-click on the taskbar and check the “Lock the taskbar” option.

If you want to change the orientation back to the default, follow the steps mentioned above.

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