Windows 10 taskbar sometimes look awkward when you have a large screen size. Windows 10 provides different actions such as changes the color on mouse hover, shows opened applications and pinned applications as well as displays a small window of the program on the taskbar on hover. So, it is a widely used area of the screen while you are working on multiple applications. So it should be the most comfortable part of Windows.

AdaptiveTaskbar is a powerful application you could use to change the icon size on the taskbar according to the screen size which makes it feel more comfortable. It is a free application that customizes different other details about the taskbar and helps you to use taskbar in a more convenient way.

Change the Taskbar Icon Size using AdaptiveTaskbar

If you are using a widescreen computer or a big screen, the taskbar icons will be larger in size as compared to small screen sizes when using AdaptiveTaskbar. If you disconnect an external display i.e. projector, then you might see much bigger taskbar icons which are not comfortable to use. You will not prefer to change them every time you disconnect the external display. To figure it out, The AdaptiveTaskbar provides the best solution which automatically handles the taskbar sizing operations.

AddaptiveTaskbar icon size

AdaptiveTaskbar and the Screen Resolution

The resolution of the screen plays the most important role while displaying a component, the more the resolution is the smaller the icons will be. Which displays a specific number of pixels in a specific area of the screen.

Windows 10 allows the users to scale the pixels and get the desired size of icons. This is also what you don’t want to do regularly. So the best option is to use AdaptiveTaskbar which allows you to use multiple monitors without disturbing the resolution and the taskbar icons.

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