How to Change Your Discord Status on Windows or Mac

How to Change Your Discord Status on Windows or MacDiscord status shows whether a person is busy or Away from Keyboard. This can easily be changed from the Discord website, the desktop app for Windows or Mac, or the mobile app for Android, iPhone, or iPad.

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In this guide, we will show you how you can change Discord Status on Mac or Windows.

Change Your Discord Status on Windows or Mac

The method to change the discord status on Windows PC or Mac is similar. Moreover, your Discord status is account-wide, therefore your updated status will be displayed to everyone on your Discord servers.

Before you try to change the Discord status, make sure you are signed in to your account on the Discord Website or the desktop app for Windows or Mac then follow the steps mentioned below:

First, open the Discord website or desktop app and click on the profile icon at the bottom left corner. You will find the username and current status next to on the profile icon to change the discord status

A list of available statuses will be shown in the menu. There are four present statuses you can choose from.Statuses in Discord

ONLINE: The only status depicts that you are ready to chat and play the game.

IDLE: Set your Discord status to “idle” when you are away from your computer to indicate that you are unavailable.

DO NOT DISTURB: This will show that you are busy and unavailable.

INVISIBLE: You will be hidden from the online user list but will be able to chat and use Discord normally.

To immediately change the Discord status account-wide, click on one of the available options.

If you want to create a custom status, click on “Set a Custom Status” to create one of your own choices.set a custom status in Discord

Your status will appear below your username in Discord Channel lists.

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