How to check if your Personal Computer has a virus

How to check if your Personal Computer has virusThere are good chances that your computer get a virus when it is in contact with other output devices (USB) or the Internet unless you have malware protection installed in your Personal Computer. Your computer can download malware from the Internet unintentionally. The best way to prevent downloading or getting malware from outer source is by installing an antivirus program on the computer.

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Symptoms your computer will show if it has VirusAntivirus

In today’s guide, you will get to know the symptoms your computer will show if it has got a virus from an unknown source. Below mentioned are some of the symptoms caused by infection:

  1. The browser will have a new extension that you do not remember installing.
  2. The anti-virus program would automatically be disabled & you can’t enable it again.
  3. The speed with which programs load is relatable slow.
  4. Your social media friends might be getting spam messages from your account.
  5. Internet connection seems much slower.
  6. A computer makes random sounds and the fan starts running randomly
  7. Browser re-directs you to unwanted websites.
  8. Apps installed on the computer started crashing unlike before the virus.
  9. You start getting warning messages from the Windows Protection to Install the Antivirus program.How to check if your Personal Computer has virus

In order to eradicate the virus from your computer, take possible measures like installing an antivirus program, resetting the device or perform a system restore. Must keep in mind not to click on random links over the Internet. Clickbait is there purely for the purpose to infect your device.

To keep your computer protected from outside antivirus attacks, scan your device regularly. Windows 10 has made it easy for the users to keep their device safe by introducing the Windows defender. Now you don’t need to install a third-party antivirus program to scan your device and keep it protected.

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