How to Check RAM Speed

Welcome to another guide by AskCaty. As we all know that RAM is such an important component of the system. RAM is used to load and run applications which is such an important role in any PC. Most of the applications take a lot of RAM because of having so many components and details. We’ll check out how to check RAM speed, current usage and other relevant details of RAM.

How to Check RAM Usage

Well, checking usage RAM is not rocket science as such, all you have to do is to click right click on the taskbar to further click on the task manager OR access to task manager by using a shortcut of pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ESC together.

After accessing the task manager, check if your task manager is in the compact mode then do click on more details to show more options and then click on the performance option from the menu options in the task manager. Clicking on performance will show you all usage of CPU, Memory(RAM), Disk and other components with every detail.

How to Check RAM Usage

From there click on the memory tab to get all usage of RAM, there you will about how much RAM is getting used, how much is available so that’s where you will get RAM usage from. I hope this way will help you in getting info about RAM usage in your system.

How to Check RAM Speed

Well checking RAM can be done through accessing Task manager as we discussed above but when it comes to checking RAM speed with such minor details then we have to install a third-party application. We will have to install the application CPU-Z to check RAM speed and other details as well with such authenticity and accuracy.

You can download CPU-Z easily from any website as it is available on the internet and it is free to use. After installing CPU-Z, the application will analyze your whole system and then will give you whole information related to your system performance its components including RAM Speed as well.

How to check RAM Speed in PC

As you can see in that picture, that clicking on the memory tab within the application will take you to the memory section by showing all details regarding RAM. As you can see that it is also showing that RAM is DDR3 type being used in the system whereas it is also showing the total capacity of RAM along with RAM channel info as well.

Congratulations, you have successfully managed to check out RAM speed and usage of your PC along with other important details as well. I hope this guide will help you out in getting all the information about your system.

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