If you are using limited internet bandwidth and you need to know which of the applications are slowing down the internet and consuming maximum bandwidth. There are different applications that provide support for monitoring internet traffic as well as the bandwidth. It is necessary to know which application is consuming maximum bandwidth.

It is very easy to know which application consumes maximum traffic. You can use the task manager to know the applications consuming the internet.

Monitoring the Internet Traffic using Task Manager

To monitor the network usage through Task Manager, you need to open the Task Manager and sort the applications by network usage. Click on the Network tab. The apps or services using the bandwidth will show up and you will be able to filter the apps that are using most of the bandwidth.

Task Manager Network Usage

In case a service is consuming the bandwidth, you need to take it into account and find out the service. After you find the service consuming most of the internet, you can stop it if it is safe. You might need to stop multiple services to drop down the internet bandwidth consumption if the apps are not necessary.

To get better bandwidth, you will need to disable the Background Intelligent Transfer Service. This will stop the svchost.exe process.

All you need is to go to the Services tab in the task manager and look for the BTS Background Intelligent Transfer Service. Right click on the service and stop it. It is not a good idea to stop this service for a long time. So as soon as you have done your task you should enable it again and so the Windows can perform all it is necessary downloading and uploading.

Alternately, there are numerous other applications that can monitor internet traffic such as NetLimiter and many others in the market.

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