How to Clear Chrome’s Browsing History on Android

How to Clear Chrome’s Browsing History on Android


Google Chrome saves a lot of our internet usage habits. The browsing history or data is the list of websites you have visited. It can be useful if you want to go back to a particular website that you have visited before or you can’t remember something you saw or read on some website. However, sometimes you don’t want anyone else to access your browsing history, in such a case you can delete it permanently.

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Anyone who has access to your device can see your chrome’s browsing data. In this guide, we will show you how you can clear your chrome’s history.

How to Clear Browsing History on Chrome for Android

Here’s how you can clear Google Chrome’s browsing history on the android app:

First, open Google Chrome app on your Android phone or tablet either from the search tab or by manually searching the app in the app’s chrome android app

Open Google Chrome’s menu by tapping on the three dots at the top right corner of the app.go to menu in chrome's android app

Next, tap “History” in the context menu.tap. on history in chrome's android menu

You can clear specific entities, or clear all the browsing history all at once. To clear specific search history, tap on the search icon at the top and search it then tap on the “x” icon next to the entry to remove the history to delete in google chrome's android app

To clear all browsing data at once, tap on “Clear browsing data”.clear browsing data option in chrome's android app

Under the “Basics” tab, choose the Time range from how far back you want to clear the history. Also, make sure to check the “Browsing history” option and then tap “Clear Data”.clear browsing history on chrome's android app

You can also use options from the “Advanced” tab to clear your browsing history with more control. clear browsing data on chrome androidYou can repeat the few simple steps mentioned above to delete your web browsing history on an Android device.

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