In case you need to stitch multiple photos on Mac then there is good news for the Mac users. Combining multiple photos on Mac OS is also possible with its powerful photo management app. It is very easy to open and edit most of the image formats and most importantly, it is also possible to view and edit the RAW images. In case you want to combine multiple photos, then you can do it with Tunacan, it is a free application that can stitch multiple.

The application provides support for both JPG and PNG while using a free version that can fulfill almost all the basic user need. So, you will not need to make in-app purchases.

Combining Multiple Photos on Mac

First of all, you need to download the Tunacan application and add drag and drop photos to the app. When you add the photos, the application automatically stitches the photos together. The application orders the images automatically but you can change the order as well. Click on the close button on the image for removing the image, in case the image is mistakenly added to the app. A plus button is there to add more images to the app.

Tunacan to Stitch Photos on Mac OS

After you have arranged the photos, click on the export button at the top and save them to the location you want. The app won’t make any changes to the photos and has no effect on the quality of the photos.

The application also provides support for adding space between the images you want to stitch. A spacing tool is there is there that can add a precise space between the images as a numerical value in pixels.

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