How to Connect your LCD / LED to a Laptop

Got problem in viewing smaller screen? No worries, we have got a solution for it. You can connect your laptop to the bigger screen i.e. with your LCD or LED. Your TV screen could be used as a monitor screen.

How to Connect your LCD LED to a Laptop

Sometimes you have your friends over at your house and you guys have planned to watch a movie together. Your laptop screen would be too small for three or four people to watch a movie on so you’d want to connect your laptop to the LED. In this article, we will explain to you how to connect your laptop with the LED / LCD

Requirements to connect your laptop with the TV

You’ll need the following things to connect your laptop with LED / LCD

First, you need to identify which kind of cable is required to connect your laptop to the TV. The port would be located on either side of the laptop. It could be a VGA cable or and an HDMI cable.

  • VGA port is the one that has 15 pins. VGA cable will only support the graphics, not the sound, for that, you’ll need an AUX.
    VGA Port
  • HDMI port is just like the USB port but it’s longer and thinner. HDMI cable supports both HD graphics and audio.
    HDMI Port
  • Now check which input port your TV has. Latest TVs have HDMI / VGA / DVI ports
  • Get the suitable cable for the connections also an audio cable if needed.

Connecting the Laptop to LED / LCD

If you’re connecting your laptop with an HDMI Cable with the TV, you do not need to turn off the laptop before doing it. Follow the steps given below to connect your laptop to the TV set:

  1. Plug the wires in the right port in TV and laptop with both the devices turned on.
  2. Now press the AV button from the remote and select the right HDMI.
    LED TV Source Selection
  3. You can choose how you want your TV screen to display the laptop contents by pressing Window key + P in your laptop and selecting from the given options.
    Laptop Projection



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