You often need to transfer the contacts to the phone, whenever you change your mobile phone. Some phones only accept VCF file formats. IF your phone exports the contacts as CSV files and you need to get the contacts in VCF formats.

There are a few simple steps you need to follow for getting VCF formats from CSV file formats. Before importing the contacts to a device.

How to Prepare a CSV File

Google contact is a reliable service supporting VCF and CSV file formats. It is necessary for a CSV file to contain correct headers meta description. For getting accurate results, all you need is to create dummy data in Google contacts and export it as CSV file format. Now open the CSV file and check the headers so create for your custom contacts CSV file. Now when you have a CSV file, you can easily convert it into VCF by following a few simple steps.

CSV contacts in Excel with correct headers

Converting CSV to VCF

Again, open Google Contacts and open the CSV file to convert. It will show up all the contacts in the CSV file. Select all the contacts and from the More button, choose Export. Choose the format as VCF format to get all the contacts in VCF file format.

Export CSV as VCF

The Google contacts provide a reliable way to convert CSV to VCF file formats and make it possible for the users to use that file in smartphones.

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