Apple introduced HEIC for HEIF and HEIV image formats which come up with a lot of pains. If you have the latest iPhone with iOS 11 or higher it saves the images in HEIC file format which is unreadable by other devices such as Android and Windows devices. iOS powers a lot of devices that saves the images in HEIC file format.

When it comes to view photos on non-iOS devices, you need to convert the images to JPG or JPEG file formats. In the case of Windows 10, you need to install a codec for HEIC image formats. It is very easy to convert HEIC images to JPG just by following a few simple steps.


There are different available tools that allow you to convert the photos from HEIC to JPG. Most importantly, iOS itself can convert the images to JPG when using iMessage for an image. In case you need to get the images in JPG format only there are few simple operations you can perform.

Converting HEIC format to JPG

There is a wide range of iOS and web apps that can convert the HEIC image formats to JPG file formats. One of the best applications to do so is to use JPEGmini web application. It also compresses the JPG photos in best quality and supports batch processing feature that can convert up to 50 photos at the same time.

Convert HEIC format to JPG

The application takes some time to convert so you need to be patient while converting. The time depends upon the size of the images and the number of images to convert.

Disabling HEIC Format

Disabling HEIC format requires only few simple.

  1. Open Settings and go to Camera > Format
  2. Choose “Most Compatible” under the formats
  3. This will stop the Camera app from saving the photos

This tweak work for the photos taken after changing the settings.

Exporting the Photos using iCloud

Enable Photo Stream on the iOS device, upload the photos to iCloud in JPG. All the photos will be uploaded to JPG and you will be able to download them in JPG on the computer.

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