Optical Character Recognition is a feature that can grab the text from the scanned images. It mostly comes up with PDF editors and various scanner applications. It is a very rarely used feature but when you want it you will find it in a very few editors.

OCR normally does not come as a standalone feature of any app. When you want to get the text from the screen, Easy Onscreen OCR tool is the best option. It allows you to select anything from the screen and extract text from it.

The Easy Onscreen OCR is not a free app, you will get a 3 days trial after the installation that is enough for the needs.

Extracting Text from Image

All you need is to download and install and the application. It will run on the system tray and you need to click on the icon and choose capture from the context menu. When the cursor color changes, click and drag the mouse cursor to select the area you want to capture the text from.

Copy text from images

Click on the OCR button on the app, a small fly-out window will appear and it will scan the image for the text and as soon as the scanning is complete, it will switch over the text tab from where you can see the text that is copied.

Easy Screen OCR for Extracting Screen Text

The application copies the plain text and from the image and it does not provide line breaks and spaces. It also works with the images; all you need is to go the images tab and drag & drop the image you want to scan text from.

Extract Handwriting Text

This application also works for the handwriting text and is very convenient to use when working on images.


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