How to Create Custom Widget Using Widgetsmith

How to Create Custom Widget Using WidgetsmithiOS 14 has introduced a new theme for iPhone and iPad users where they can edit the Home screen according to your choice. Home screen widgets are quite versatile in iOS 14 and can place reminders, calendars, and even photos to your home screen that are close to your heart.

The Home screen Photos widget shows the random images from your photo gallery. This is not going to help if you have a lot of pictures in your iCloud Photos. Therefore, we recommend you to choose specific images to be displayed on your home screen.

This could be done through the free Widgetsmith app.

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How to Create a Custom Photo Widget using the Widgetsmith app

First, you need to download the Widgetsmith app on your device.

Open the app and navigate to the “Settings” and grant the permission for Photo access.grant permission to widgetsmith to access photos

Now, go to the “Widgets” tab. There you will see the already existing templates for small, medium, and large widgets. You can create a new widget by tapping on the “Add (size) Widget” button and select a widget that you want to edit.tap on add medium widget in widgetsmith app

From the middle of the screen, tap on the widget preview.widget preview in widgetsmith

Go to the “Style” tab and scroll down to the “Custom” section. Here you can choose the photos or photos to add to your home screen widget.choose the style tab and select photo or photos in album on widgetsmith

Tap on “Photo” to add a single photo but if you want to add more than one photo, tap on “Photos in Album”.

Next, tap on the “Selected Photo” tab, and select the “Choose Photo” option.choose photo to add in custom widget

Now, browse through your library to select a photo.choose photo to add in custom widget

Go back to the widget preview by tapping on the “Photos” button.go back to preview widget

To choose an album, select the “Photo in Album” option.

From the “Selected Album” section, choose an album you want to be displayed on your Home Screen and tap on the back button.choose the album you want to display on home screen

Rename the Widget if you want to and tap on the “Save” button. Once again tap on the “Save” button to save the the photo widget

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