Many times, when you want to protect the files from modifications, compressing and locking archives is the best option. But in case when you just want to create protected archives to secure the data from any modifications, protecting the archives by locking them is the best option. It does not allow making any changes within the archives.

Creating Protected Archives

There are few simple steps that you can follow to protect the data.

  1. Make sure that WinRAR is installed on your computer.
  2. Right click on the file or folder to open the context menu.
  3. Click on the “Add to Archive Option” (WinRAR automatically adds context menu options).How to create protected archives
  4. A window will appear containing all the options regarding the custom archive.
  5. Choose the Lock Archive option from the Archiving Options.Locking Archiving
  6. Click “OK” to start the archiving process (No one will be able to change the files and add files to archive).Protected WinRAR Archive


Createing protected archives using WinRAR helps the users to secure the files from the online scanners. Important: The scanners will also not be able to detect any archives within the protected archives.

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