How to Create Tables in Microsoft Word

Creating Table in Microsoft WordCreating a table in Microsoft Word used to be a hustle therefore most people prefer using Microsoft Excel for the purpose. 2013’s Microsoft Word has made it easy for the users to create tables, edit and modify them with the updated tools and many other options.

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In this guide, we will take you to step by step on how to create tables in Microsoft Word.

Creating Table in Microsoft Wordcreate table in ms word

Start by opening Microsoft Word on your PC, and place the cursor where you want to insert a table.

Next, click on the “Insert” tab on the ribbon bar.

Click on the “Table” icon in the “Tables” section.

From the drop-down grid pattern, select the number of rows and columns by placing your cursor on the first cell in the grid and sliding it down and over, then click the boxes in grid to create table in ms word

Once the table is created, two new tabs will appear on the ribbon bar i.e. Design and Layout.

The design tab has three different sections i.e. “Table Style Options, Table Styles, Borders”. You can use these tools to enhance the way your table appears.

The layout tab has tools that help the user modify the table.

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The other way to create a table in Microsoft Word is by using the “Insert table” option. Here’s how you can do it:insert table in ms word

Go to the Insert tab on the Ribbon bar.

Click on “Table” and from the drop-down menu, select the “Insert Table” option.inserting table in ms word

A dialogue box will appear on the screen. Enter the number of rows and columns you want in your table.

In the “AutoFit Behaviour panel” select “Auto” or choose a specific table size by clicking on the down arrow. The other two options i.e. “AutoFit to Contents” expands when you add date and “AutoFit to Window” expands the table to fit the document size.

If you want MS Word to remember the table size you are entering now to become your default for future tables, check the “Remember Dimensions for New Tables” option.

Microsoft Word also allows the user to draw the table, create a table from an Excel Spreadsheet, and choose a quick table.

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