How to Customize Action Center Settings in Windows 10 (May, 2019 Update)

In Windows 8 and previous Windows, there was no particular place destined for notifications. Finally, Windows 10 has come out with the Action Center where you can see all the notifications. Previously Windows 8 only showed notifications on the screen which disappeared after a while, now in Windows 10 Action Center, you can even find the expired notifications. It also offers quick access to various settings like Bluetooth, airplane mode and tablet mode, etc.

Action Center

Action Center is located on the extreme left of the Taskbar. Click on the Action Center icon to access notifications and provides quick access to various settings. This is a really nice addition to Windows and you can easily customize it too. Here’s how you can customize Action Center through Settings:

Windows Tray

Customize Action Center through Settings

You can’t customize the how the action center displays the notification but you can customize the notifications, to do so follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to the Settings in your pc, either through Start menu or by clicking on All Settings icon in the Action Center.
    Settings from Action Center
  2. In Windows, Settings click on System
    Windows Settings from Action Center
  3. In System window click on the Notification & actions given on the left panel of the window.
    Notification and Action Settings
  4. On the left pane of Notifications & Actions, you will find “Notifications” heading from where you can customize notification settings.
    Notification and Actions

Notifications & actions Settings

  • Show notifications on the lock screen: Turn this off to prevent any notifications from showing up when your computer is locked.
    Notification Options
  • Show reminders and incoming VoIP calls on the lock screen: Turning off notifications on the lock screen still allows reminders and incoming calls to display. Turn this setting off to disable those types of notifications on the lock screen, as well.
  • Show me the Windows welcome experience and Get tips, tricks, and suggestions: Turn these two settings off if you’re not interested in seeing tips, suggestions or ads.
  • Get notifications from apps and other senders: Turn this setting off to disable notifications entirely.

If you will scroll down, you’ll find notification settings for individual senders. Toggle off the toggle button to stop getting notification from a certain App.

Notification and Actions options

Here you will not see all the Apps installed on your PC. Some Apps have their own notification settings that you will have to figure out from within the App to get notifications from them.

Notification and Action Options

In order to customize the Apps Notification with greater detailing, just click on the App name.

Hope this article has helped you know how to Customize Action center Notifications from Windows Settings.


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