Budgie desktop was the first distribution available for Linux as it gained popularity due to its simplicity. It is very easy to customize the Budgie, you can easily change the fonts, icons, themes, and panels without any hard efforts. The users can also install custom themes as well as change a variety of other aspects of the budgie Linux desktop.

Customizing the Appearance

You can easily customize the Budgie desktop with few simple settings, the users can easily get their favorite GTK3+ desktop look and feel from the panel area settings. There is a wide range of option and menus under the panel area.


To modify the Budgie look, go to the panel and click on the square icon from the top. It will reveal the settings and you can customize them accordingly. The gear icon provides different general settings for the desktop.

Customizing the Dark Theme

The developers of the Budgie focus on the dark theme but it can be changed, you can easily turn off the dark theme. All you need is to go to the appearance settings area, find the Dark Theme and click on the slider to disable the feature. To get back the slider, you can click the slider again to customize.

Customize the Built-in Theme

The Budge provides the built-in theme, there are different tweaks you can perform to integrate stock GTK+ theme in the system. There are different settings that you can use to customize the theme. You need to disable the built-in from Built-in-theme in the appearance section and click the slider to disable it

Customize the Widgets

The Budge uses GTK+ and Gnome Shell and makes it possible to use GTK+ Themes. It is how the widgets look on the desktop. The stock budgie widget theme is great to use as it used one of the popular GTK3 and above themes. So you can change them as well.

Change the GTK3+ theme, you need to go through the appearance settings and find the widget theme. The drop-down menu will show all the themes that are installed on the system.

Customizing the Icon Theme

The Budgie comes with the icon theme, it is the combination of Moke and Faba icons with different tweaks. All the icons are interactive and you can change them easily.

All you need is to open the appearance settings and scroll down to the Icon theme and from the drop-down menu. It will display all the current icons themes installed on the system, you can simply select them from the list.

Customize the Theme Cursor

The mouse cursor can also customize in the Budgie, you can change it in appearance settings, click on the menu to display all the cursor theme and choose to apply the one you need.

You might need to reboot the system as if you need to apply the changes.

Customizing the Fonts

To change the font settings, you need to change the appearance settings. Open the settings and then Fonts area, the users can change the way the it looks like. It will change the fonts of the documents and the monospace font settings.


Customizing the Panel

In case you want to customize the panel settings, you need to get into the panel settings area. Click on the square icon and at the end of the panel and it will provide the settings. Find the Panel and click on it. It will provide the Panel configurations for the desktop.

You can easily add panels, widgets, and other tweaks to customize the panels.


Creating New Panels

It is also very easy to create new panel settings. In the panel area, the + sign next to the panel orientation can create new panels. You can also customize the panel and change the orientation, position and numerous other details. Also, you can resize the panel and change various other settings.

It is also possible to manage the applets and use the + and – signs to manage the applets.



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