How to Delete Apps on iPhone and iPad running iOS 13

Deleting Apps on iOS 13

Just like Android devices, Apple has its own Apple Store from where Apple users download the Apps on their devices. Deleting App from iPhone is not rocket science, in-fact it is easier to delete apps in an iPhone than in Android. In iOS 13, Apple introduced a new method to delete apps. Before iOS 13 when you pressed on an App icon, all the icons stared jiggling with an (x) given on each icon. Now you have to go an extra step to delete Apps on an iPhone or an iPad.

When you long-press an app icon, you get to see a contextual menu. And select what happens to the App. In this guide, I’ll explain how you can delete Apps in iOS 13.

Delete Apps on iPhone/iPad with iOS 13

In order to delete Apps in an iPhone/iPad follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Long press on an App
  2. The contextual menu will appear, select “Rearrange Apps” from the optionsRearrange Apps
  3. Tap “x” given on each App icon to delete the App.Deleting Apps on iOS 13
  4. Tap on “Delete” to confirm your actionDelete

After you’re done deleting the Apps, Tap on “Done” given at the right top corner of the screen.

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