When you don’t have any download manager installed on your computer and no other application is there to download the files from Chrome then Chrome automatically starts downloading the files using its built-in downloader. The default Chrome downloader is single threaded and somehow slow but it is okay to use Chrome’s built-in download manager. But it is always displayed at the bottom of the page which may sometimes take some space on the browser and become a bit annoying. Every time when you download a file the download bar automatically appears and even if you close it previously.

Download page in Chrome can be accessed using the Ctrl+J hotkeys or from the menu. But if you frequently download files using chrome and you want to get rid of the download bar, you can just follow the few given steps.

Disabling the Downloads Bar in Chrome

If you want to remove the Download Bar and clear the list of downloads, you need to install “Always Clear Downloads” extension from the chrome store.

The extension has the ability to automatically clear the download as well as provide support for removing the download bar.

All you need is to uncheck the ‘Clear downloads every few seconds’ checkbox and to hide the Download bar, you need to enable the “Disable download shelf” option.

Frequently Clear Chrome Downloads

This will disable the download bar and provides a cleaner environment. The extension clears the downloads after every 10 seconds. Let’s suppose if you want to clear the downloads after every 24 hours, you need to enter 86400 and similarly higher value to increase the time period in seconds.

You can download Always Clear Downloads from here


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