FaceTime is a popular video calling application but there are a few bugs in the iOS 11, the only thing you need is to disable the FaceTime. It is very easy to disable FaceTime on iOS 11 that helps the users to get a smoother iOS 11.

FaceTime Bug

The FaceTime bug is a very awkward error that let any caller on FaceTime to hear and see you even when you don’t answer the call. It is a very disturbing situation and exposes your privacy. This bug is present on both macOS and iOS.

Disabling FaceTime on iOS 11

For disabling FaceTime on iOS 11, there are few simple steps that help the users to quickly disable FaceTime. All you need is to open Settings and Scroll to the list of applications where the FaceTime is located. Tap on FaceTime in settings and a new screen will appear. Now turn off the FaceTime switch to disable the FaceTime video calling feature.

Disable FaceTime on iOS 11

FaceTime has no effect on the iMessages, if the FaceTime video calling is disabled, you can still use iMessage service as they are not connected to each other.

Apple is currently working on the fix and will soon come up with a permanent solution. Till then you can disable the FaceTime to ensure the privacy.

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