How to Disable “Force Dark Mode for Web Content” in Google Chrome

Google Chrome 78 has a built-in option to force dark mode on all websites whether they have the feature or not. You can easily enable it in Google Chrome. Sometimes, the user gets sick of Black screens everywhere and they want the light screen back.

Follow this guide to enable Dark Mode for all Websites in Google Chrome: How to Force Dark Mode on every Website in Google Chrome

In this guide, you will learn how to disable the “Force Dark Mode for Web Content” feature in Google Chrome.

Disabling “Force Dark Mode for Web Content” Feature

  1. Launch Google Chrome and open a new tab. Type chrome://flags/ in the address bar to open Experiments.Flags in google chrome
  2. Search “Dark Mode” from the Search box that is available on the top of the window.Dark Mode Search
  3. From the Search result, look for “Force Dark Mode for Web Content”. Besides the option, you will find a box, select “Disabled” from it.Disabling Dark mode on Google chrome
  4. As you will select the Disabled option from the drop-down menu, Google Chrome will ask you to “Relaunch” Chrome.force dark mode disabled
  5. Make sure to save all the data before clicking on the Relaunch option. Now click on Relaunch.

After the relaunch of Google Chrome, every website that you will open will be in Light mode again. Disabling the “Force Dark Mode for Web Content” is as easy as enabling it. I hope this guide has helped you to disable this Flag feature in Google Chrome.

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