How to disable JavaScript in Google Chrome

Most of the websites use JavaScript to load pop-up ads which are sometimes very annoying when you are working on some important task. While using Google Chrome, it a bit tricky to disable JavaScript as it requires making some simple changes to the web browser settings. Although, you can easily disable JavaScript for each site and tab individually through the lock sign menu on the left side of the address bar, but, what if you want to disable JavaScript for all the websites? Here is a simple method that explains step by step on how to disable JavaScript for all the websites.

Disable JavaScript in Google Chrome

All it requires is to Open Chrome and open a new tab. Click on the menu button from the rightmost corner of the Address Bar. The three vertical dots will open up a menu. Choose More Tools > Developer Tools. Alternately, tap the F12 key or use Ctrl + Shift + I to open the Google Chrome Developer Tools.

Developer Tools in Google Chrome

From the developer tools console, click on the More button that are three vertical dots and choose the Run Command Option. Alternatively, you can also use Ctrl + Shift + P for activating the command input. Now enter JavaScript in the field and it will provide a small list of commands to execute. You need to use the Arrow keys to select the “Debugger Disable JavaScript” option and press Enter button.

Run Google Chrome Commands

Now JavaScript will be disabled and a yellow exclamation mark with appearing against all the JavaScript code in the Sources tab. This means that JavaScript is currently not working. This will not let the popups to open up through JavaScript.

Disable JavaScript in Google Chrome Debugger Console

Now whenever you need the JavaScript, you need to manually enable it through the same process. As some websites require JavaScript to perform different necessary operations after the page load is complete such as displaying buttons, menus or any other content. So make sure that whenever you are going through any ad-free website with necessary JavaScript, you need to enable it before browsing the content.

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